About us

      Catering With Love was created by Michael Sharp. The story behind this, dates back to Chef Mike's childhood, while growing up in Baltimore and New York. The chef was blessed to have three very special family membershis mother-Joann, grandmother-Clara, and aunt- Glenda, they deserve a lot of  the credit for Chef Mike's passion and career in the culinary field. They were extraordinary women and superb cooks. It was such a joy for him to be in the kitchen with them while they cooked, and the chef always paid close attention to every detail, taking mental notes of everything they did. This often was the highlight of his day. Their enthusiasm and love poured out of them in enormous amounts as they prepared and served everyone's favorite dishes. This no doubt has rubbed off on Chef Mike and molded him into the person and chef that he is today.  

     Chef Mike decided to expand his knowledge, and went on to receive his formal  education in the culinary arts at Baltimore International College, graduating in 1999. The chef then spent the next thirteen years in the kitchens of some of the finest hotels and restaurants in Baltimore, feeding thousands to their delight and joy. The chef often  accepted  catering engagements when asked, that were thoroughly enjoyed by all, very well received and an inspiration to Chef Mike. He wanted to experience more of this, thus came the start of Catering With Love.

     We want you to feel that same warmth, passion, pleasure and love while dining, that Chef Mike's loving family showered him with. This will be felt while enjoying some of his favorite dishes; gumbo, grilled salmon, codfish cakes, crabcakes, homemade barbecue dishes,  baked macaroni & cheese, deliciously cooked fresh vegetables, and garden fresh salads, to name a few. We hope to see you for your next affair, thank you, we cater with love.

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